UnitsML Schema Repository

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This is the schemas repository for UnitsML schemas.

Documentation created from this repository are made available at:


This repository includes the UnitsML and UnitsML-Lite schemas.

  • UnitsML XSDs are placed under unitsml/*.xsd

  • UnitsML-Lite XSDs are placed under unitsmllite/*.xsd

List of schema changes described in the schema change log.


Generate latest UnitsML XSD (unitsml/unitsml-v{version}.xsd)

UnitsML XSD schema incorporates data from UnitsDB, including prefixes and units.

When necessary, the latest UnitsML XSD should be re-generated with the corresponding version of the UnitsDB.

Version definition of the latest UnitsML XSD is defined in the Makefile.
make unitsml/unitsml-v1.0.xsd

Generate XSD documentation (under docs/)

Generation of XSD documentation depends on the following tools:

Command to generate documentation under docs/:

make docs

This command will download all necessary dependencies under .archives/ and place them in corresponding paths.

The content of this repository belongs to the UnitsML group.